Railways will fill 1 lac job soon but system will not change : Passengers safety is still at stake due to shortage of raw stocks; tracks and other components of maintenance

New Delhi : It has been reported that the Indian Railways now after so many accidents has learnt a lesson to fill the vacant post in the maintenance departments. In this regard the Railway Board in principle, agreed to take necessary action soon and will advertise and fill the vacancy. As per reliable sources at  Railways Board, it has came to the notice of “A News of India” that soon notification is likely to be advertised. But, on the other hand, the Railway union still is not hopeful of better maintenance due to various reasons attached to the maintenance work including trained manpower and raw stocks tracks etc. So the safety of Railways passengers is still a main cause and concern which require total attention from all units of Railway Board, it’s employees besides various Railway Unions.

SG MISHRA, General Secretary of AIRF

The News Editor, while talking to Sh. Shiv Gopal Mishra General, Secretary of AIRF came to know that Railways might try to fill 1 lac posts in various maintenance departments. But still the Union is not satisfied that the entire maintenance work of Railway tracks and other relevant sectors will serve it purpose properly and safety of Railway passenger will not be at stake. He admits that, “As there are 2.3 lac posts in maintenance departments which are lying vacant for the long time. The retirement of Railways staff are also a very important phenomenon of lack of trained manpower, resulting in suffering of maintenance work and so the safety of Railway passengers cann’t be ensured with poor maintenance. Suppose the Railways has announced to fill 1 lac posts out of total 2.3 lac vacant posts in various sectors of maintenance departments, so still Railways will be facing acute shortage of almost 1.3 lac employees specially in maintenance departments. So can 1 lac newly recruits serve the duties of entire 2.3 lac personnel ? Not at all, so finally work will suffer and so the maintenance work. Secondly, the entire recruitment process takes at least 6 to 9 months, thereafter it requires, at least one year to train the newly recruited manpower to perform the duties of various maintenance departments. Although, at the time during recruitments and training, around 70-75 thousand more employees are likely to be retiring from Indian Railways in this span of 1-1/2 to 2 years. So in the existing system will remain unchanged until unless this system of regular recruitment and imparting of training to newly recruits are taken seriously and on a regular intervals to fill the gap of vacant posts.”

On the other front, as the Railway policy doesn’t allow to procure Railways  tracks and other components from other agencies except SAIL, a public sector undertaking. Mainly there is a supply gap where get just 10 percent of its order from SAIL so Railway is unable to make available maintenance raw stocks and other materials including railways tracks. Untill unless, this system of availability of raw stocks in adequate amount is smooth and at Railway stores or policy limiting to procure from SAIL is not changed the maintenance work of Railways could not be so satisfactory and under this circumstances passenger safety will be compromised.



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