Encounter Between Crooks and Cops: Greater Noida


Greater Noida: In PS Bisrakh, Noida Police arrested 3 accused after Shootout.
4 Vehicles have been seized from them them.
The encounter occurred in area of PS Bisrakh today evening where during routine checking Police saw a moving vehicle and indicated the driver to stop vehicle. Instead of stopping the vehicle the passenger started fireing on Police in which two police men injured and retaliation move Police also fired at the criminal in which one passenger Irfan was injured and arrested with his two mate’s Vishal and Rohit however including Head Sarvan, Sagar and Rohit flead away from the spot. On inquiring it was found that the vehicle in which they were traveling and was stolen from journalist from GIP mall few days ago said, Love Kumar SSP Gautambudh Nagar.
They were trying to sale it but due to highlight of issue vehicle robbed from journalist they couldn’t succeed in their plan.

Love kumar, Senior Superintendent of Police, Noida

The entire passengers including driver were involved in a Gang of Vehicles thieves and used to stole the vehicle and also getting registered in other state, they used to sale it to intending buyers.


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