China withdraws statement of tripartite talks with Pakistan after India’s objection

Qingdao: Prime Minister,Narendra Modi meeting the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Summit, in Qingdao, China on Saturday, June 09, 2018.(PTI Photo/PIB)(PTI6_9_2018_000193B)
@Amit Poswal I Sr correspondent
New Delhi: The Chinese Ambassador to India recently put forward the idea of enhancing trilateral cooperation between Pakistan-India and China. But India came on heavily on this statement on Wednesday, meanwhile, China made a distance from its ambassador’s statement. But China definitely advocated that India and Pakistan should communicate with each other to improve mutual trust and improve relations. Significantly, India’s stand is very clear in this matter and India always resists any third party involvement in the entire issue.
Chinese ambassador Lu Zhaohui spoke in a seminar on India-China relations in New Delhi on Monday and said, “Some Indian friends have suggested that there should be a tripartite conference with SCO among India, China, and Pakistan, this is a positive idea. ‘ He further said that this would help in improving bilateral relations between the two countries.
When asked about the remarks of Lu, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that both India and Pakistan are friends and neighbors of China. We want to strengthen relations with all our neighbors including India and Pakistan for development and stability in the region. 
The Chinese spokesman said that we expect that India and Pakistan will push the dialogue to increase trust in bilateral relations. It will be in the interest of other countries of the region also. When asked whether China is withdrawing the comment of Lu, Geng said, “what I said is the official stand of China. When asked, will the Chinese Embassy remove the ambassador’s statement on its website, he did not respond to this question.
Recently, China’s Ambassador in New Delhi had said that India and China would no longer tolerate another dispute like Doklam. Lu also urged joint efforts with China to maintain peace on the border. On the border dispute, Lu said that this issue will be raised in the meeting of Special Representatives in Beijing this year. He emphasized that there is a need to reach a mutually acceptable solution of the boundary dispute resolution. Lu said, ‘Security cooperation is one of three pillars of SCO. Some Indian friends have suggested that there should be three-tier cooperation between China, India, and Pakistan. 


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