Investigator -Viral Video :Adulterant business

It seems,The business of adulteration is running from the hustle in this viral video


ANOI Bureau

 Exclusive :If you like to eat peas, then this News is not to be good for you.We have received a video on our whatsapp number in which some people are preparing artificial green peas with the help of green colour.

It might be injurious to health. who knows what you have ate is adulterated and or coloured with unedible artificial colour?
It is not certain and clear that this footage is how long old but it is certainly cleared that in this viral video some people are not doing good thing rather adulterating. In this video there are 5 persons who are working out of which 1 person is operating the machine and adding the green colour in peas. On the other hand another one is inserting the peas in that moving machine.
Two bags are lying near the machine.
According to this video green things looking as peas. If they are adding artificial unedible green color illegally in the peas this is not good for our health.

Dr. Rakesh kumar, Neurologist

According to Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Yashoda Hospital,
It is injurious to health and Colouring of food items will leads.
Acute and delayed side effects
Acute effects are
1.Excessive vomiting
2.Pain in abdomen
3.Vision abnormality
4 Headache
5.Hearing abnormality
Delayed side effects are
2.Endocrine dysfunction
3.Infertility and sterility
4.Brain damage
5.Birth defect
6.Respiratory dysfunction
7.Organ failures
8.Skin irritation

Advocate Vinay Sharma

While talking with A News Of India Said Vinay Sharma, Advocate,

“The accused person will get a minimum of six months or life imprisonment. Earlier, the penalty was between Rs 500 and Rs 5,000 with minimum three months to life imprisonment depending on the nature of offence. The Prevention of Food Adulteration (PFA) Act 1954 has been amended to form new FSS Act.”



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