Dance teacher arrested for student rape case

The dance teacher is alleged  blackmailing victim terrorize her viral her rape video on internet



Sudama Pal |  Sr. Sub Editor

Ghaziabad :The Sahibabad police have arrested a dance teacher and his parents on Wednesday. The dance teacher is alleged of rape with his teenage girl student and his parents are alleged involved to blackmail the victim.

The incident took place in posh colony Rajendra Nagar of Sahibabad. The accused Rudra Ghosh is dance teacher and used to teach dancing at his home. The victim girl about sixteen year old had gone to learn dancing some months ago. Rudra Ghosh lured her and raped. He had also made a video of raping.

After that he blackmailed her and got more than lakh rupees from rape victim his student. His parents also co-operated him in blackmailing. When the victim was got tired of blackmailing and sexually harassment, she told all about to neighbour’s driver and he reported to her parents.

“The FIR has been lodged into matter and accused dance teacher has been arrested with his parents as they were involved in blackmailing. The police are investigating the issue.” said Rajesh Kumar, the Circle Officer of Sahibabad.


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