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New Delhi: India Railway launched UTS application throgh which unreserved tickets, platform tickets can be booked online without waiting or standing in queue at the Railway Ticket Counters.
This is really a shy of great relief to railway passengers who had to wait for long at the Railways Ticket Counters for purchasing tickets before commencing their travel in train. Not only wastingnof time but some times the passengers had to wait so long meanwhile trains in which they had to go might have been left the station in many cases due to long waiting time for ticket purchase system being time and cumbersome system. And for this, the passengers used to stand in que for purchasing ticket s and wasting heir precious time for ticket before catching their.
In some of the cases the passengers had a horrible experience that train departed but still people unable to get the ticket from the counter.
Railway launched this application namely UTS app
which will be helpful atlest the passengers will not face such situation where the train will leave the station before ticket is printed ou of unreserved tickets including platform tickets easily without standing in que and or wasting precious time of passengers. If any one want to utilise this app the P only need to download this app on their android mobile phone and thereafter he will be able to get the ticket isdued easily by online buying the ticket and after making payment online.

Online reservation system is already running for long and now unreserved ticket can also be booked online. It is a good news for passengers will do not have to wait and need not stand in que for purchasing ticket they can book  their ticket in trian also throgh the UTS App launched.

The Railway spokesperson Nitin Chaudhary informed to A News Of India, “This app will work within a radius of 5 km from the starting station. Further it is an option of paper and second paperless will come when buying tickets from this app. There will be tickets in the Paperless mobile, which can travel and if you have opted for the paper ticket, then your phone will receive SMS or notification, and you will have to go to the starting station where ATVM will put the ticket and it can be printed. There will be a number of ticket booking options, in which there are R-Wallet apart from Net Banking, Debit-Credit Cards, Paytm. Ticket from R-Wallets will get a discount of 5 per cent. 4 riders will be booked on a mobile phone. Tickets can be taken anywhere from this app, whereas only the zonal tickets could be taken first.”


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