3 Contract Killers Nabbed by UP STF From Prayagraj


@Saket Dinkar I News Editor

Uttar Pradesh: UP Special Task Force succeeded in arresting 3 Contract Killers From Prayagraj who were about to kill some persons as they had received supari of killing them. Not only this, one of the main accused who came out of jail recently on bail was offered contract killing of his in laws and taken his bail.

Arrested Accused

The timely action of UP STF could save two lives for whom the accused had receivd supari and had already conducted recky of the house to whom he want to kill. The day on which two persons in Prayagraj were about to be killed, on the same very day the main accused and other 2 his associates were arrested by STF. The STF seized Revolvers, fires arms and live cartridges, Adhar card etc. from the possession of the arrested accused. The entire action plan was the brain game of UP STF SSP Abhishek Singh, who was directly monitoring the police action in this case.
The special feature of this STF action was inputs right from the bail granted to the main accused who came out of jail and his bailor was the person who given him supari of killing his in-laws. All the accused involved in this supari were arrested.

Abhishek Singh, SSP, STF Uttar Pradesh

As per SSP STF Abhishek Singh, ” The STF monitors each of the hard core criminals activities  and accesses entire information related with all criminals. During collection of information it came to the notice that the main accused who got bail and came out of jail and his bailor himself has given a supari to kill his in laws. On the day the accused arrested. The STF had certain inputs that these accused will be coming to a certain place thereafter they are about to kill some body. On the scheduled time STF and police team reached the spot the accused were talking of some doubtful character STF arrested them and also seized fire arms and live cartridges.”


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