PM Narender Modi Addressing Rally | PIC Courtesy: ANI
@Amit Poswal I Sr correspondent
Ambikapur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the Congress in Ambikapur while addressing the Chhattisgarh election campaign. Speaking to the Congress leadership from Jawaharlal Nehru to Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi said that those who have ruled for 4 generations should be accountable for themselves, but they are seeking answers from 4 years old government. PM Modi said that Congress made hollow promises to the public of the state and 60% of the promises were not fulfilled.
Modi said here in Madhya Pradesh that Indira Gandhi nationalized banks to make accessible for poor but they could get benefit due to the weak machinery of Congress era. But Today, the BJP government has made it possible for every citizen including the poor. Modi, while blaming Rahul, said that your grandmother promised to eliminate the poverty but it did not happen. Will you trust people who make such false promises?
On the pretext of Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s remark, Modi criticized the Congress said, “Now it is said that Chaiwala became a PM due to Nehru. If you respect Democracy then do a small work. If you claim that Pandit Nehru and your role in the Constitution have made a Chaiwala PM, then once, make a person outside of the family as the Congress president for only 5 years.


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