Property Dealer Murdered, Body Found Near His House

The Family members are suspected neighbor involvement in murder.


@ Sudama Pal I Sr. Sub Editor

Ghaziabad: A thirty five year old property dealer cum financer was murdered in Nanadgram area under Sihani Gate police station on Friday. His body was found  near his house and scooty was parked some distance away from body.  The body has been sent for postmortem, the police said.

According to SHO of Sihani Gate, About  35 year old Bagesh Sharma, the resident of Noor Nagar, was found dead in a gutter some distance away from his house  Krishna Kunj, Nandgram at 6.00 am in morning. His scooty was parked near his body. Bagesh was a property dealer and financer. The forensic team visited for scene of crime.

The police said the family of deceased has expressed doubt against Sonu who was their neighbour but left a few days ago due to dispute with deceased. The investigation into the matter is underway.


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