“Excellent” Police and Traffic Management During Yogi’s Visit


Saket Dinkar | News Editor

Ashok Yadav| Sr. Correspondent

Rakshit Josain |Spl. Correspondent
Ghaziabad:  First time the city of Ghaziabad seen smooth traffic management and jam free traffic on the roads of Ghaziabad in spite of VIP movement in the city on arrival of UP CM, Yogi Adityanath Ghaziabad. Infact, inspite of limited numbers of manpower in Ghaziabad  police the entire traffic was smooth and all the areas were properly covered by deployment of adequate amount of police personnel to manage traffic movement at all intersections and or on the cuts.

As there are a lot of development projects running in the city and due to which dirt and dust can be seen in city of Ghaziabad these days. But the police personnel managed  heavy trafic on NH 58 smoothly on the entire day keeping mask on their face. No where any traffic jam was reported. This correspondent himself visited upto Patla on NH 58 right from 11 am upto 6 pm but nobody was facing  any problem in road traffic inspite of VVIP movement in the city.

One of the resident of Raj Nagar Extension and a Manager in SindicateBank at Farid Nagar; Rishiraj who daily commutes of NH 58 says, “I will request Hon’ble Chief Minister Sh Yogi Adityanath to pay a visit of Ghaziabad everyday so that there is smooth traffic management in the city and we never face such problem in our day to day life as we commute on the roads of Ghaiabad,”
One Monika Srivastava, a teacher in Mother Teresa School, Preet Vihar, Delhi who lives in Kaushambi Ghaziabad was very happy and informed this corresoondent, ” If Yogini comes this city regularly all the roads will be maintained and painted on a regular basis.”

Vedant a class IX student of Delhi Public School, Raj Nagar was happy to know that UP CM Yogi Adityanath visited Ghaziabad and surprisingly informed seeing this media person, “uncle this road on NH 58 built so fast due to visit of Hon’ble CM Yogi Adityanath sir otherwise we were waiting on this road very long every day after leaving our school on way to our homes. But as of now things have improved very fast. I will request Yogi sir to pay a visit of city on a regular basis to sort of our day to day problem faced by Ghaziabadis.”
Another student of class XII of Delhi Public School, Meerut RoadGhaziabad, and a daughter of a businessman, Richa, who resides at Indirapuram, says, ” for the last two three days it was seen working of many people at war footing level on the streets and roads maintenance, painting, trimming of tress, watering of roads, nearby areas, trees drastically improved in last 2 days shown and I could belive and acvordingly understand some VIP must be arrriving in the city and it was confirmed when I read newspaper yesterday where it was described about the proposed visit of of Hon’ble CM UP Sh Adityanath.”


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