Railway Divyang Employee’s March for Promotion: New Delhi


ANOI Delhi Bureau

New Delhi : Railway Divyang Employee’s March for Promotion “Disabled Employees Association of Railway(Regd.)” will be observing “Swadhikar Rally” on 11th February 2019 in which all Divyang employees of Railways shall be protesting to press their demands of promotions to all “Divyang” which is pending for years after passing the judgement by CAT, Hon’ble High Court and Hon’ble Supreme Court. On this occassion a protest rally in which around 300 divyang employees of Railways are likey to particiapte. This rally is also proposed to be started from HQ of Norther Railway i.e. Baroda House to office of Railway Board at Rail Bhawan. “Disabled Employee Association of Railway Regd.” will has been formed for the welfare of the Disabled employees & disabled dependents of railway employees comprising of the Indian Railway. This is worth mentionable that the association is exclusively meant to solve the real problems as well as grievance being faced by disabled employees & disabled dependents of Railway Employees.  As this association has raised various issue in form of demands with the competent authority of Railway Board from many years but the same has not yet been accepted and are still pending before Railway Board.To show our solidarity and to create awareness & sensitization amongst the Railway administration for the purpose of acceptance of our demand, the Association have now decided to organize a “SVADHIKAR RALLY’ which will march from Baroda House the headquarter of Northern Railway to Railway Board, the Rail Bhawan and “Dharna Protest” will be proposed in front of the Railway Board office on dated 11th February 2019”. In this Rally & Dharna, approximately 300 disabled employees will be participating, who have various types of disability e.g. orthopedically/visually/hearing impaired people some of them are even using wheelchair, on their designed scooter/car etc.

“Our Association believes that during the course of organizing the aforesaid rally we want to get a legal shelter as a precautionary measure   under the leadership of our association, hoping for fruitful consideration.” it was informed by  the Mukesh Gupta, General Secretary of the union.


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