Star Cast of “EK Hakikat Ganga” Promoted their movie in National Capital


@ Afaq Khan Sameer | Correspondent

New Delhi: Today, actress Rachna Suyal and actor Gauri Shankar came to promote their upcoming movie “Ek Hakikat Ganga” in Delhi. Producer Mamta Shah and distributor Rakesh Sabharwal of Prince Movies were also present at the event. The event took place at PVR Plaza in Connaught Place, Delhi.

The movie is based on”Child widow”, an ancient practice which is still being done in many backward areas of India. The film is written and directed by Ritesh bora who also acts in the movie.

Talking about what message of the movie, Actor Gauri Shankar stated “Through this movie we have tried to create an impact against child marriages in India which still happening in many parts of the country. It is a true story of a girl called Ganga who becomes a child widow and as the story unfolds what difficulties she faces”

Telling about the inspiration of choosing the social issue of Child widow for the movie, Producer Mamta Shah spoke “ I took inspiration from the backward classes of our country who is still treating girl child miserably by marrying them at an early age. And unfortunately, if they get widow after marriages how they are tortured by them.”


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