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New Delhi: Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics and Skin Care Institute, New Delhi conducted  A Skin Care Camp at their Naraina Vihar Branch on 20th march 2019 for making the people aware about the Harmful effects of different hChemical Colours which are generally applied during HOLI FESTIVITY in India.

“ Most of the Holi Gulal or water colors are very hard and coating colors which when applied on the body, especially the face, can be very hazardous to the Skin and may lead to the cracked skin and Allergy, “ asserts Dr Naresh Arora, the founder of Chase Naturopathy and Aroma Beauty Clinic. Dr Arora further said, “ Sometimes this may lead to skin  rashes and inflammations which may take months treatment “. The Best option according to Dr Arora , is to use Dry, Natural and Flower Powders and sandalwood powder as the Holi application. One can also make it naturally fragrant by adding rose water, tulsi leaves .  We are spreading the message of Peace, Happiness and blissful Holi to everybody and people have generally appreciated our efforts. According to the Chase Clinic, you should apply a good Moisturizing Lotion or a facial Oil ( Almond/Olive/Avocado/Jojoba)  on the face before playing with Holi Colors. For the Protection of Hair, You have to apply a good Aroma Hair Oil ( even Almond or Coconut oil can also work ) .

After the Holi, never try to wash off the face with Detergent . Use a good quality mild Face wash and even mild shampoo for the hair. It may take 2-3 days before the color vanishes from your face and hair, but atleast you will safeguard yourself from their harsh Allergic effects

“ making the Gulal or liquid colours with herbal ingredients makes it more skin and eco friendly and ia always well appreciated “ said Dr Neeti Arora , the Director of Chase Skin Care Institute. “ Holi is a colorful festival of spreading Joy and happiness so let be it” said Dr neeti while distributing sweet Gujias and other sweets to the participants.

Dr Naresh and Dr Neeti Arora are the renowned couple who are imparting training to the beauty  and salon owners in the field of nature Cure and Aromatherapy and have been doing so for the last 20 years and have thus far interacted with more than 8 lakb beauty professionals across India and Abroad.

 Chase Aroma Beauty clinic , New Delhi , under the able guidance of   its Director, Dr. Neeti  Arora and her team has been providing natural Treatments for Skin Disorders like Skin Blemishes, Acne ( Pimple ), Wrinkles, Dehydrated and Sensitive skin, Acte and chronic Hair Fall, Baldness, Body Disorders including Weight Loss programme.

The Mantra for coming  summer according to Dr Arora is : Body detoxification thru light foods, especially liquid diet , lots of drinking water, light Exercise and Positive attitude always help us to survive this extreme weather condition”. 

Dr Neeti Demonstrated latest trends in Bridal make Up and nail Art techniques which are going to be very useful for the beauticians in the coming Bridal season.

Dr. Neeti  Arora is a renowned Naturopath, Acupressurist  and Aromatherapist and Beauty Counsellor who has trained more than 20000 Beauty Professionals and more than two lac beauticians have attended her  one day workshops across the country and abroad. Dr. Neeti has received many awards and has been felicitated by different NGOs and women’s organizations for her sustained work in the field of Beauty


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