Anamika Chhabra: Finalist of Mrs. India Queen of Substance 2019, a highly inspired lady keen to set a platform for the children with special needs!


@ Afaq Khan Sameer | Correspondent

New Delhi: A renowned educator, entrepreneur, and a social worker for the homeless, mentally and physically challenged children, Anamika Chhabra is now gearing up for Mrs. India queen of substance 2019. Being one of the best examples of versatility she is also pursuing specialization in special education. Her sole aspiration is to inform, engage and empower the society as she is also a Counselor for children with special needs. Both dedication and meticulousness run in her blood.

‘Live in the moment and make the most of it to make this world a better place for everyone’ is her life’s motto. Being an educator she always felt herself attached with children. During the time of her internship at The Shri Ram School the lady realized her life is beyond teaching ‘numbers and words’. People say Anamika teaches something special with ease, but she feels she is learning something new every day. Talking about the same she stated, “Motherhood becomes a challenge when you realize that your child has delayed speech development and was unable to express himself like other children, that’s when I stepped in and realized that I need to learn the skills to get him at par with rest of the children. As I was learning these skills I was introduced to many other development issues a lot of children face. My desire to help them gave me the strength to acquire myself with the knowledge of handling children with special needs. I got inspired to create a platform for these kids which lead me to be where I’m today at Mrs. India queen of substance.”

Further she added, “We become handicapped when we are not in presence of awareness.. Let’s spread knowledge… let’s join hands to create awareness around us and remove all the boundaries of our minds to make place in our hearts for everyone. I have reached to the point of self-acquired knowledge and capability to utilize all because I’m blessed as a woman and I’m proud of myself to be someone who is passionate about everything around me.”

Mrs. India queen of substance along with HCWA the philanthropy partner gave her the platform to connect with people and create awareness and apprise the society that people with special needs have the equal rights and privileges to be relished.


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