Illegal Arms Factory Busted By Ghaziabad Police


News Desk /Deepak Chandel | Video Journalist

Ghaziabad: Vijay Nagar police today  busted an illegal arms factory running from a hut near Hindon canal.  In this regard, police arrested two accused and seized  illegal arms, arms making instruments, raw materials from the spot and also from the possession of arrested accused.

In view of Loksabha elections which is just round the corner and voting in the city is on 11th of this month itself, hence police is hearing up and don’t want to take any chance of risk. Due to this vigilant approach, and further subsequently police teams are  conducting frequent raids of all such questionable spots which may be used for any such criminal activities.

Accordingly, a similar raid carried out by police on a specific information and could know illegal arms which were being manufactured near bank of river Hindon, falling under police station Vijay Nagar.

In this regard Vijay Nagar police had received certain information about running of an illegal arms factory in Vijay Nagar area under police station.  After getting confirmation of this information, Station Incharge of Vijay Nagar  police team raided the hut near Hindon canal  and arrested two crooks from the spot.In this searching process, police seized certain equipments,
machines and raw materials which help to make illegal arms.

Shlok Kumar; SP City Ghaziabad, disclosing about illegal arms factory detected from Vijay Nagar police station area to A News of India and said, “police had received information about illegal arms factory  running under Vijay Nagar police station near bank of river Hindon and police team raided the spot. During raid, police found illegal arms were being made and two crooks namely Aalam and Aamir were arrested from the spot. Police also seized illegal arms  completed and incomplete  arms and other equipments, raw materials besides  arms making machines from the spot. As per arrested accused, completed arms were being used to sale in open market in handsome price for their livelihood.”
Infact, this raid is a part of activeness of senior police officials of the city and it substantiates Ghaziabad police has already geared up to control crime specially during this election period. No doubt, the present senior police officials are seriously handling crime and has also successfully controlled crimes to a certain extent. But still it is a question mark why most of the crimes are being reported from the areas of Vijay Nagar police station itself? Whether there is any nexus of officials of Vijay Nagar police station and criminalsa and so such crimes are being reported from areas falling under Vijay Nagar police station? If you look at the crimes data reported in the entire district of Ghaziabad, almost half of the crimes are being reported from Vijay Nagar police station itself. So on the basis of the facts submitted above, role of police station and criminals nexus Cann’t be ruled out and there is a question mark on the working of Vijay Nagar police station.

Autorickshaw’s crimes  reported last month from the same police station also reveals the above said facts and substantiates the very facts on the issue reported by A News of India.


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