Voting Percentage Phase 2 Lok Sabha Election Voter Turnout Details :Bulandshar

Good Turn Out, Active Participation of Womes in the Polling shows in rural areas shows inclination towards present Central Government

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Bulandshahr:  The 2nd phase of Lok Sabha General Election 2019 seen large turn out of voters at the polling stations. Polling started at right time at 7 am but report of faulty EVMs received from many places in Bulandshahr and voting was affected for almost half an hour.
Arun Yadav, Correspondent from Bulandshahr
As per Arun Yadav, Correspondent Bulandshahr, the percentage of voter’s turn out improved from previous two rounds and it is likely that turn out of voters may even exceed to 60 percent.Upto 2 pm voting was reported to 39% which is higher than the urban reported in the past 2 rounds of voting. The rural population is more active than the urban voters as they have seen many development projects under Modi’s governemnt in the last 5 years.This heavy turn out is suggesting outcome of rural development projects started during last 5 years under Modi’s government at centre.
Public during voting
Voters from all age group gathered at the polling stations in large numbers to use their franchiese. A good amount of women voters also turned out at almost all polling stations in Bulandshahr which is hinting voting casted in favour of present Central Government due to Modi’s various development schemes which were dedicated to rural population like “Swakshta Abhiyan”, Sauchalaya construction”, Pradhanmantri Ujwala Yojna'(PMUY), “Housing for Poors” has paid the result to the present government and mobilised women at the polling stations and cast vote in favour of present Central Goivernment. Large amount of turn out of youth and women is suggesting the mood of voters to choose Narendra Modi as Prime Minister agains at the centre.

Highlights of Bulandshahr Voting and reported faulty EVMs in many Polling Stations

As per information received upto 2 pm
The following polling stations received faulty EVMs from many places
  1. Complaints of faulty EVMS from many places received in Bulandshahr
  2. Bulandshahr’s DAV Degree College polling station EVM was not functioning properly for atleast 25 minute
  3. Bulandshahr’s Maukheda polling station EVM was not functioning properly for atleast 30 minute
  4. Bulandshahr’s polling station at Sherpur under Anupshahr EVM(booth No. 439) was not functioning right from early morning
  5. Bulandshahr’s Malakpur under Anupshahr polling station EVM was not functioning properly right from early morning
39% Polling upto 2 pm reported in Shikarpur areas under Bulandshahr
Shikarpur area under Bulandshahr has seen 39% polling upto 2 pm
Voters from all age group including; youth, senior citizen, women actively participated in the polling and used their’s franchise. Women in the constituency collected to vote in maximum numbers.
The District administration practically made excellent arrangement and has also managed things preoperly. Even voting initially started at right time. Even local adminsitration made ellaborate arrangemnet besides due security arrangement with due importance. The complaints of EVMs fault received from almost half a dozen polling stations but district administration handle the situation and brought it functional soon. No any major crime was reported.

Loksabha General Election 2019 Polling Percentage in 2nd round of voting on 18th April 2019 in Each segments of Bulandshahr  Lok Sabha  Seat

Sl No. AC Polling Percentage

Up to 11 am

Polling Percentage

Up to 3 pm

65 Bulandshahr 27% 50%
66 Syana 23% 53%
67 Anupshahr 24% 50%
68 Dibai 24% 50%
69 Shikarpur 29% 55%
Total 25% 51.6%

The highest percentage of voter turnout reported from 29% up to 11 am and subsequently 55% up to 3 pm today from Shikarpur.

The lowest percentage of voter turnout reported from  Syana at 23% , Anupshahr and Dibai respectively with 24% in other two segments at  Anupshahr  & Dibai voter turnout touched at 50% up to 3 pm from Bulandshahr, Anupshahr and Dibai.

Bulandshahr Lok Sabha constituency overall seen 51.6% voters turn out up to 3 pm.

Above data highlighting more population turning for vote at polling stations covering rural are


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