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This story is about today’s modern girl, who wants to live life on her terms. ‘Sharmili Rai’, from Lucknow, ‘Gunwali Dulhaniya’ “Sharmili”. She is girl of good character and values, her father Mr. Rai is proud of her. Mr. Rai believes that she can never go wrong in any way. On the night of Sharmili’s wedding, she gets kidnapped by Bhaiyaji and Bhaiyaji ask for 5 Crore rupees as extortion from Mr. Rai. While all these things are happening, Sharmili’s family gets a letter in her room in which she has written “She ran away from home to marry her lover”. Now the whole family is confused – Sharmili has been Kidnapped??? or She ran away with her lover??? So the question is – ‘Gunwali Dulhaniya’ will get married or not? If yes, then with whom? – with the person she ran away from or with the person she is in love with. Too much Confusion all around!!!

Go & Watch this Dramatic Romantic Wedding of The Year.


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