Wild Stone unveils new packaging with the second TVC of #JustFriendsNoMore campaign


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New Delhi, 24th April 2019:The House of McNROE unveiled a new packaging for the Wild Stone range of deodorants as it launched the second TVC of the popular #JustFriendsNoMore series. The TVC revealed newly designed bottles of the entire Wild Stone deodorant range- Ultra Sensual, Red, Forest Spice, Hydra Energy, Legend and Edge. Each of the six variant bottles have been specifically designed now to resonate the essence of each fragrance. While WS Legend draws inspiration from the glorious tattoos on the Maori tribes, Forest Spice captures the luscious hues of the Amazonian canopy. Edge adorns the sparkling coolness of our famous Himalayan icicles, while Hydra Energy celebrates the vibrancy of Maldives’ bio-luminescent beaches.
Mr. Sanjay Srivastava, Chief Business Officer, McNROE said, “The entire Wild Stone deodorant range has been re-created bearing in mindconsumer preferences & an improved fragrance delivery mechanism. We are optimistic that the new packaging designs will enhance the overall product experience of our consumers.” McNROE’s latest TVC also positions the brand’s logo in a label format and showcases all the products under the Wild Stone portfolio.
The TVC maintained Wild Stone’s witty & charming tonality, but this time the story is set in a corporate set-up amidst young office colleagues. It showcases the transition of a platonic friendship to a budding relationship as “Fragrance” steps in to brew romance. An endearing addition to the much appreciated #JustFriendsNoMore campaign, the new TVC does connect with audiences across age bands.
Mr. Sushant Panda,Brand Evangelist,3003 BC,points out, “Scientifically, fragrances & scents have had the power to create a lasting impression on our minds since time immemorial. Wild Stone’s latest TVC has aptly recognized the relevance of fragrance in the creation of this unforgettable memory of a person.” In tune with Wild Stone’s “Log to Notice Karenge” line of communication, the brand hopes the new TVC will also have a lasting impression on its viewers.
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