Power Cable Alliance (PCA) organized a seminar on ‘Standardization of Power Cables for Metro Railways’ in New Delhi


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New Delhi : Power Cable Alliance (PCA) in association with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) organized a seminar on standardization of power cables for metro railways today. PCA is an association promoting the creation of safe, reliable, efficient and high-quality electrical infrastructure in India through copper power cables. It is supported by International Copper Association, which is a not-for-profit organization.

Sharing his view, Vishvesh Bhatia, Secretary, Power Cable Alliance said, “As India is investing in ramping up its infrastructure and expanding metro rail systems in key cities, it is imperative to ensure that this expansion is supported by high quality electrical infrastructure. DMRC has been instrumental in leading a transformative change in urban mobility in India. We are proud to partner with them for today’s seminar. We hope that our concerted efforts will result in the implementation of quality electrical infrastructure for the metro rail sector in the country.

DMRC operates the country’s single largest metro rail network and places a premium on passenger safety and operational reliability. O. H Pande, Director (Electrical) DMRC and A. K Garg, Director (operations) DMRC, shared their views on the seminar, “Public transport is integral to the growth of any city and metro railways play a key role in urban development. Power cables are the backbone of the metro system and we are pleased to join hands with Power Cable Alliance to facilitate this seminar. The discussions address key factors such as solutions to improve quality control, techniques to identify and minimize quality issues as well as the need to protect cables from damage to reduce failures. We are hopeful that the solutions will contribute in making our metro systems more reliable and efficient.”

DMRC also shared its experience in the application of power and control cables. The organization presented case studies on the challenges faced in the usage of cables and discussed suggestions for safe installation.

The seminar witnessed participation from eminent experts from metro rail companies, power cable manufacturing firms and leading project consultants and contractors. The discussions focused on the importance of building safe electrical infrastructure for India, the latest technological developments in manufacturing HV power cables and standards, manufacturing, and installation best practices for power cables.

Sanjeev Ranjan, Managing Director, ICA India said,“Our endevour is to encourage debate and discussion on vital aspects of electrical infrastructure through the seminar. Power cables are a vital component of electrical infrastructure that supports metro railways in the country. Standardization will go a long way in ensuring the deployment of the right quality and capacity of power cables. As the network of metro railways expands across various cities in India, it would be critical to have reliable electrical infrastructure supporting the growth of this medium of urban mass transport.

Some of the eminent attendees at the seminar included R.K. Srivastava, Executive Director (Traction), Research Design and Standards Organization, Nageshwar Rao B., Addl. Director, Central Power Research Institute, Sudheer Bishnoi, Scientist, E, ETD, BIS and Mr. Deepal Shah, Member CIGRE, CAG, Paris


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