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New Delhi- If green signal from Delhi Metro Rail Corporation(DMRC) is given, the Delhi Government can offer a big gift to all women travellers of Delhi. It is likely that soon free travel to all women in Delhi can be announced in Metro Train and Delhi Transport Corporation’s(DTC) buses. In lieu of free travel offered to women, Delhi Government will compensate these two corporations of financial liabilities out of this free travel and the same are being ascertained to know the exact financial implications out of this free travel to women.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has made an announcement today for women.Delhi Government has made the journey of women in DTC and Custer’s buses and Delhi Metro train free to all women passengers in Delhi.

The political pundits have defined this announcement a gift of lucrative offers, seeing forthcoming Assembly election in Delhi. In the last Assembly election the AAM had won a total number of 65 seats out of 68. Recently held Parliamentary election has shown just an opposite result which has shown victory of BJP in 65 assembly constituencies. The Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, after analysing and knowing the very facts of voters has started worki g on the strategy which can again give AAP, a victory. Seeing this, free travel announcement to women in Delhi is being considered as a political vendetta to win next assembly election in Delhi which is due in coming new year. But, as per recently seen developments, it is bring said that Delhi assembly election might be preponed and can be held in November or December this year only.This announcement is not less than any master stroke right before the forthcoming Delhi assembly election.

This decision is being considered to make women voters invite and turn in favour of AAM.  Kejriwal said that if a female traveller wishes to voluntarily buy a ticket, then she can buy it. Travelling of women in Delhi’s busses and Metro can be made free in the coming time.  After this decision, the Delhi government will bear the expenses of providing around 800 crores of rupees for free travel offered to women, to compensate these corporations.


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