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New Delhi, June 30: On the occassion of Doctor’s Day MEDSCAPEINDIA, a non-government organization active in the field of healthcare on Sunday stressed on  the need to put in place a healthcare ecosystem in India so as to provide proper healthcare to the people and to build a future ready healtcare ecosystem.
A large number of doctors, bureaucrats and health care experts who attended second edition of ‘FitIndia Innovation Conclave’ dwelt upon the issue and exchanged the views on how to improve  the healthcare system.
The Conclave threw a spotlight on cutting edge solutions, healtcare practices, case studies, patient-centric,data-driven and research collabaration  as it appeared to be a perfect combination of high quality presentations, discussion and networking.
”The growth of a nation is not just about accruing its industrial, agricultural and services indices, but also tallying its performance on the human development numbers. The state of its healthcare is one of the critical measures of how a nation state is performing. It is even more important with a country the size of India.
“In order to address various opportunities, latest developments and technological advancements in the healthcare industry, MEDSCAPEINDIA is delighted to host ‘FITINDIA Innovation Conclave—2019’, which brought together experts and thought leaders to discuss and share the current scenario of Indian healthcare industry, and initiate the way forward to meet the need of patients in the sector,” said Dr. Sunita Dube, Chairperson, FitIndia-Medscape India Conclave.  “The agenda of the Conclave is to use advanced innovations, disperse data with respect to most recent patterns and practices, abilities and assets, and make channels for joint effort and accord among key partners,” said Dr Dube.
Among other subjects on the agenda of the conclave included use advanced innovations, disperse data with respect to most of the recent patterns,abilities and assets and make channels for joint effort and accord among key partners.
Based on the theme of taking healthcare delivery to next level-best practices, innovation and excellence, the policy makers and other luminaries at the conclave deliberated upon best pactices being used to provide better care in the presence of a galaxy of healthcare stalwarts, top bureacrats, industry players and experts in the field of medical and medicines.
The subjects palced before the partcipants included role of public, private partnership for developing sustainable healthcare ecosystem, role of emerging technologies for building smart hospitals, artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare,and ensurng profitability throughn optimum patient care.
MEDSCAPEINDIA-AMET is a non-profit organisation which has been relentlessly working towards strengthening values for sustainable growth in the India’s healthcare sector since last 14 years.
It aims to bring an ideal networking opportunity for doctors, paramedical and pharmaceutical professionals, healthcare providers, and medical equipment manufacturers to network, forge new partnership, and showcase,and share their work experiences.
‘FITINDIA Innovation Conclave—2019’is supported by Ayush, External & Health Ministry. We look forward for the cooperation as Delhi is an annual host state of this prestigious programme.
MEDSCAPEIINDIA has undertaken various awareness campaigns in the past, which includes ‘Save the Girl Child’, ‘HIV Awareness’, ‘Preventive Medical Camps’, ‘Million Smile’, ‘Breast Cancer screening & Awareness’, ‘Doctor’s Legible Handwriting campaign’, ‘FITINDIA on Wheel’, FITINDIA silver’, ‘World’s First Doctors’ Anthem’, ‘AnokheePahal’, ‘FITINDIA Project’, ‘CPR Training’, ‘FITINDIA Conclave’, ‘8th Annual Televised MedscapeIndia Awards’, besides over 600 medical camps and social health awareness programmes.
MEDSCAPEINDIA has instituted ‘FITINDIA’ project as a voluntary movement, which was initiated by doctors and like-minded individuals with an aim to serve the society.
The concalve among other dignitaries had the blessing of Swami Chidanand Saraswati Maharaj, a spiritual leader from Uttarakhand while delivering his key note address, stressed on the need to understand importance of save water. Saraswati  Maharaj said,”fit India is hit India and healthy India is happy India”. Praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi for raising the issue of Health at the international level he asked, “how can one stay fit medically, if he or she is not emotionally, mentally or spiritually not healthy”. “ Going to gym is not enough what can make you healthy”, he said. He and urged that like in US and other countries, spirituality should be included in medical arena.”Medical arena should be inclusive of spirituality”, he added.
“Vedic mantra is collective power and not individual power”, he said. Expressing concern over the water crisis, Saraswati said there is a need to work on water conservation. “There is going to be a street war and not state war for water”. Talking about  in the years to come our us that effort should be made for water conservation in the country. Talking about Ganga aarti held in his ashram in Haridwar, he said that Ganga aarti is like a happy hour with no hang over”.He also spoke on the importance of yoga and said,” Yoga is a union”. He laid emphasis on linking music with river and environment. “ Music should be for trees, water  and earth. He informed about the model of `recycling of toilet water into potable water’, and said that there is a need to understand the power of water,change and lifestyle. “ He urged participants to make green environment.

Ayurveda Martand Vaidyaraj Acharya Balakrishna, CMD, Patanjali Ayurveda said that focus should be not on preventive health measures but on less dependence on hospitals. Lamenting the attempts to discredit ayurveda in the country, an avid supporter of Ayurveda Balakrishna advocated the need to integrate Ayurveda in the modern education system of medicine. “ We need Allopathy, Unani, Ayurveda and Homeopathy in our modern medical education”, he said. To support his point, he gave example of China where traditional system of medicine has been integrated into modern system of medical education. He said that there is a need to change the mindset and and practice ayurveda as no research has confirmed the ill effects of Ayurveda on human body.He rejected the idea of junk food and recommended that people should eat seasonal food and traditional wheat products like maize, jawar and bajra etc.
Acharya Balkrishna  recommended people to have eat organic  and not eat chemically infested food.

Dr Mahesh Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director of kent RO who is also known as jal vayu purush, stated that challenges for the mankind have increased manifold because of use of chemicals and pesticides in agricultural production. He blamed the human beings pollution and ruining soil, water, air and Earth. He insisted on chemical free farming to protect life and stay healthy.
Echoing the advantages of Ayurveda Dr ( Prof) R K Tuli said that  Yoga is a way of life and ayurveda is essence of Life.He urged the doctors to integrate Ayurveda into every system of medicine.” We are not material body but spiritual being”. He appreciated the contribution of Soham, non governmental organization for promoting  alternative medicine.


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