Barabanki Police Police Busted Double Murder Mystery Case, Two Including a Rewardee Booked


@ Rakshit Josain | Spl Correspondent

Barabanki: PS Kotwali Nagar solved double murder Mystery and arrested two accused who were involved in this case.
It was very shocking when two young male dead body were found in Reth river every one unable to understand that who throw both dead body somebody called to police and informed about dead bodies.
As soon as received information, Inspector Kotwali Nagar  Dharmendra Raghuvanshi arrived at the spot and seized both dead bodie and sent to postmortem house.
Police trying to identified both dead bodies
Other hand as per missing report both dead bodies were identified as Pappu age 35 years and Sarvesh Kumar as soon as police received information about both dead bodies, started investigation of this double murder case.
During investigation police got certain proof and arrested Karan and Sahjram regarding this case.

According to Aakash Tomar,  SP Barabanki, ” PS Kotwali Nagar police got success in double murder case in this regard Karan and Sahjram were arrested and during police investigation both said that Pappu and Sarvesh were taking alcohol with him and There was a fight between alcohol and both were killed during drinking.”  ” Nobody drove away from the fear of throwing the body of both of them into the river”


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