Two days “Nari Sansad” in Shiv Shakti Dham in Dasna from July 20


@Sudama Pal | Sr Sub Editor

Ghaziabad: Two days “Nari Sansad” program is going to organize in Shiv Shakti Dham Dasna from July 20. The women should be trained operating arms and Shastra for their self defence and empowerment for family.

“We are going to aware the girls and women to defence theirself, religion and country through this “Nari Sansad”. said female Jagatguru Shankaracharya Sadhvi Trikal Bhavanta Sarswati Ji Maharaj (Prayagraj) jointly with Mahamandeshwar Sadhvi Neelamanand and Yati Ma Chetananand Sarswati from Shiv Shakti Dham on Friday here in a press conference.

The social unit known as ‘family’ is going weak day by day as women are mentality and physically weak now. As Hindu are not united these days. So women are victim for exploitation, torture and sexual harassment. So it is time for women to decide take action for self defence trained theirself operating arms and others means.” added Sarswati Ji.

On this occasion, the chief convenor of “Nari Sansad” Anjali Arya, Shashi Chauhan, Rajni Shukla, Rajbala Tomar, Jayvanti Devi, Mukta Chaudhary, Chanchal, Himani Kashyap, etc. were presented.


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