Noida Police Booked 33 Fraudsters for Providing Loan


@ Amit Tomar | Correspondent

Noida: Police station sec 20 defaced a company who used to cheat with customers in the name of getting a loan. Police arrested 33 people  including mail and female.
Now days we receive a call where caller offer for loans in which Some simple people come to talk about these people and get ready to take a loan. And become victims of fraud.
Police station sec 20 police received a complaint a out a company who were doing fraud in name of getting loan. As per information Police raided and arrested 16 nos. Male and 17 female who belong this company.
According to Vaibhav  Krishna, ” As per information we arrested 33 people where 16 people are male and 17 are female who were involved with fraud company.  This company was cheating on people to get a loan.police about corore rupees transaction has been done by this company.we are trying to getting more information regarding this matter.”


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