Explore Your True Office Look with Formal Wears by SHEZADO by Designer Rachna Agarwal


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

Brand Shezado By Designer Rachna Agarwal has introduced Formal wears inspired by International styling for the Confident women. The collection has been designed keeping in mind the vision to make these highly coveted and remarkable fashion available in India with a convenient experience for everyone. The entire range is very comfortable and yet affordable with the starting price range Rs 5,500/- onwards. The colour palette comprises of classic colours, subtle yet creating a style statement. Clothing appropriately fashionable and unique is a must for every girl. This collection gives you feminism look along with bold chic and smart look.

Rachna Agarwal, Director, SHEZADO says, ‘I always wanted to launch a collection that would sort out masses choices since it gets difficult to find the right look for office wear. Being stylish at work is extremely important and I adore fashion in true sense. The collection is absolutely inspired by European fashion to get fit look and colour style’

Glamorous actress Mandira Bedi recently spotted at the store of Shezado. And she said, “Whether you’re off to a business dinner or a conference or a formal meeting you can choose the perfect look from this range. Fabric and colour palette is entirely international standards with modern silhouettes”.


Available at https://www.instagram.com/shezadoglobal/


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