Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel Delhi offers food for thought via ‘Nourishing the Nation’ Event Commemorating India’s 73rd Independence Day and Promoting a Healthy Future


Awareness drive on 14 August for underprivileged children
highlighting the importance of clean, nutrient-rich foods

@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi: There is no better way to pay tribute to our country than by helping people understand the importance of healthy food in nourishing their lives. And nourishing needy children is one of the kindest deeds to do, especially on a special occasion. Therefore, on the eve of India’s 73rd Independence Day, Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel in Delhi will be conducting an awareness drive revolving around helping underprivileged children by educating them about healthy, nutrient-rich foods.


Led by Gagandeep Singh Bedi, Executive Sous Chef, Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel Delhi, the team will be visiting an NGO, Bal Sahyog, where Bedi will conduct a workshop highlighting the importance of healthy foods, followed by a nutritious meal served to these children. The team will also be educating NGOs in planning affordable menus that are high in nutrients.


“It’s exciting to be part of this special initiative while celebrating Independence Day with these kids who represent the future of our country. It’s essential everyone realizes nutrients are vital in our overall development and why nutrient-rich foods must be incorporated in the daily diet. I am confident such activities will help promote a healthy future for our next generation,” said Gagandeep Singh Bedi, Executive Sous Chef, Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel Delhi.


The event will culminate in the cutting of a tri-colour cake, followed by kite flying in the lawn. This occasion is an excellent opportunity for people from all walks of life to display their patriotic spirit. All are welcome to be a part of this patriotic gathering, apart from sharing, supporting and becoming life enhancers via such activities.


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