Ghaziabad, PS Sihani Gate; Police Nabbed 3 Vicious Crooks Illegal Arms and Other Items Recovered


@ Deepak Chandel | Video Journalist

Ghaziabad: Police station Sihani Gate team arrested 3 crooks, they used to overtake and rob the vehicles and passengers in the dark of night.
Police recovered a car and illegal arm and Rs. 19000 from their possession.
PS Sihani Gate officer Umesh Bahadur received a complaint of robbing where A truck driver was robbed by 3 unidentified person at night near new bus stand. 3 car riders overtake the truck from the car and looted ₹ 19000 from the truck driver.
Officer Umesh Bahadur took instant action and  started investigation regarding this matter.
Finally police arrested 3 accused namely Sonu Prajapati, Sonu Tyagi and  Praveen from Bhatta no. 5 near Bhola ka Dhaba and also recovered Rs.19000 and illegal arm and  the car from robbers by whom the truck driver was robbed.

According to Sudheer Singh SSP Ghaziabad, Sihani gate police received a complain of robbing from truck drivers where the truck was overturned by swift car and ₹ 19000 was looted with the help of  gun  from the truck drivers. Due to good work police arrested all 3 accused and recovered looted Rs. 19000 and swift car and a illegal arm from their possession.”


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