WomanPreneurs: Being Bold in Business & Marketing


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New Delhi : Whisskers Marketing, one of the leading 360 degree digital marketing agencies found by two Ex-Googlers & sisters, today held a session on “Digital Marketing” at Welcom Hotel Sheraton in Saket, New Delhi. The session was part of TiE Delhi NCR Delhi chapter on Women Entrepreneurship 2019: New Horizons. The conference saw leading women entrepreneurs, industry leaders, aspiring innovators and other key stakeholders of the Indian start-up ecosystem.

Traditionally, the space of entrepreneurship and professionalism is male-dominated. The challenges due to societal behaviour, gender discrimination and unequal representation have discouraged powerful and aspiring women from establishing themselves. This is changing but has a long journey ahead. The topics covered during the session  are , need for entrepreneurs to be bold when doing sales and marketing for their business, and often women held back in that space. MSMEs with focus on bringing gender equality in this space, marketing your business, making it stand out in all the noise. Digital Marketing plan, especially from a startup point of view.

Neha Verma Co-Founder & Director at Whisskers Marketing said “Being part of the start-up ecosystem, the gender gap is clearly evident. It is found that women constitute only 13.76% of the total entrepreneurs in India. Having said that, I have personally come across quite a few women who are smart, talented and ambitious and want to do something of their own. These are women who want to move out of corporate, want to come back from a long maternity leave or homemakers wanting to try something new.  At the same time, women facing challenges while running an existing business are also welcome. There are hands on workshops held on marketing which can help one in setting up a stable revenue stream and also in scaling up.”

Mitali Nikore, An Economist said “There is an increasing focus on the MSME sector, and women form only a minuscule proportion of entrepreneurs in this sector. If you steps outside the metros, you will hardly find women running their own enterprises. Further, there is considerable concentration of women in a few traditional sectors – like agriculture/food processing/food services or textiles or handicrafts. In such a scenario, this event is timely, as it provides a platform for women entrepreneurs in Delhi-NCR to discuss their challenges and find common solutions”

Monika Chowdhury, Founder, The Mushrooms Hub said “Think ‘Farmer’ and you’ll imagine a man wearing white clothes, working on a farmland. Being a woman entrepreneur running and managing an agribusiness start-up was nothing short of an adventure. It’s quite a welcome change to be sharing ideas with front-runners of more structured and experienced sectors like media, data analytics & publishing. The futuristic approach of TiE & Whisskers Marketing is an encouragement for women entrepreneurs like me, who have taken the bold decision to enter a traditional sector and amalgamate it with the power of digital communication, for not just selling but also setting an example to encourage others”.

Divya Jain Bansal, Director at Oswald books, said “It’s time for women to be bold and show their mark in the field of marketing. I feel a woman is someone who can understand every category of audience very well, a child, a parent, a man and a woman. It’s us the women who spend time with each of them and closely know their likes and dislikes. This surely helps us in connecting better with the target audience. There are times when we get a differential treatment either within the organisation or from our partner and peers outside the organisation, but this is when we get to show our strength of understanding psychology of various customers and connecting with them with the perfect marketing communication.”

Puja Gupta, Co-Founder & COO, Benori Knowledge said “Women entrepreneurs should be bold and dream big, and have the courage to go on in spite of adversities and failures along the way. As Swami Vivekananda said ‘Arise, awake and stop not till your goal is reached’.

Digital marketing offers female entrepreneurs an alternative to the expensive, always on requirements of traditional sales and marketing. Peer-to-peer platforms, entrepreneurs are not restricted to mere “business-oriented” benefits, but also are able to expand the horizons of personal knowledge and growth.


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