Chhichore craze still going on


Chhichore squad make way for Alma Mater customized hoodies & T-Shirts

@ ANOI Bureau

Alma Mater, India’s largest customized apparel brand has launched the Exclusive Chhichore Collection as it’s the official merchandising partner for the Bollywood movie Chhichore starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Shraddha Kapoor. The movie made it’s way at the theatres on 6th September 2019.

Being the first one to bring the concept of customized apparels, Alma Mater is led by Mr. Sachin Sahni. The brand pioneers in mass and online customization in India. It has the vision of turning people’s vision and imagination into reality.

As Alma Mater specializes in premium quality customized Hoodies, T-Shirts & other merchandise for Chhichore, the movie. The brand is offering the customers with unique & quirky designs which surely gets in sync with the slangs used in the movie “Aur Tera Bunty Kaisa Hai?”, “Chote Nawab se Guft Gu?”, “Haq Se Loser”, “Chhichore Squad” & more.

The Alma Mater Chhichore Collection includes Unisex Hoodies as well as T-Shirts. Hoodies are trendy as well as one of the largest and the fastest growing categories in the market.

Alma Mater strongly believes in sustainable fashion and offers most of its collection in 100% Cotton fabrics as cotton being a natural fabric is perfect for Autumn Winter Season as it keeps the body comfortably warm in cold weather.

 The customers can also customise and get their own Chhichore apparel including  T -shirts and Hoodies in 3 simple steps online using Alma Mater Design Studio.

The Exclusive Chhichore Collection is available on at a price starting from of INR 999/- to 1299/-  respectively


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