Ghaziabad City’s First Cyber Cell Inaugurated By Minister of State Atul Garg


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Ghaziabad: Full fledged it’s own Cyber Crime Cell has been started functioning today in Ghaziabad police district from Ghantaghar Kotwali. After the establishment of Cyber Crime Cell in Ghaziabad, speedy investigations of cyber crimes like ATM frauds, issues of fake websites, fake call centre, fake job racket etc kind of cases shall be expedited with lesser time duration. Untill date, there was no cyber crime cell in within district resultantly Ghaziabad police had to depend on G B Nagar police, from where the cyber crime cell was functioning with limited resources and covering larger population.

The Cyber Crime Cell was today inaugurated by state food & civil supply minister and Ghaziabad MLA Atul Garg. The establishment of Cyber Crime Cell is being seen as a move to control cyber crimes, which are now a days on the peak. Even limited resources with the police in this regard has always a challenge for police to book the culprit. Although, other kinds of organised and unorganized crimes have been controlled to a maximum extent and it drastically decreased in the past years. But, inspite of advisory issued by police, banks and other channels people are still careless in bank transactions, online transactions, shopping etc resultantly the cyber crimes have been increased manifold. And from here the challeges of police start and thereafter they have to face the cases of cyber crimes and they have to work hard to crack the cases and book the culprit. Infact to reach the real culprit of cyber crime is a tedious job with mass level of challenges.

How the residents of Ghaziabad will be benefited out of opening of this Cyber Crime Cell? In reply to the question, the SP City Slok Kumar informed the News Editor of “A News Of India”, “after opening of our Cyber Crime Cell in Ghaziabad we will be able to crack cases of call centre’s fraudism, fake job racket, fake websites, fake shopping website/online shopping portals, ATM frauds cases, banking fraudism etc in lesser response time. Earlier we were dependent on others now we will have our own data bank. This Cyber Crime Cell shall be functioning as resource centre of data, specially in a less time consuming time and this factor is one of the most important aspects to nab cyber criminals and book them after collecting all evidences. This is going to serve a long way to the residents who are victims of cyber crime and, at the same time to control cyber crime in the district.”
Newly established this Cyber Crime Cell shall be used as a resource centre for police in collecting and sharing data of cyber criminals. On questioning, how this cyber crime cell will function? Shlok Kumar SP City Ghaziabad informed, “A News Of India”, presently there are 8 persons and one Inspector who are working for this Cyber Crime Cell. We have plan to increase more in near future. We have also plan to utilise the talents of young students. We shall also utilise the potential talents amongst students and out of it two kinds of benefit police administration as well as these students are likely to be benefited. One, the young students will be getting good exposure of police functioning even during getting education. Most importantly they will have good experience and opportunity to learn practical things in their lives at the same time they shall be trained how to deal themselves to keep themselves away from the clutches ofcyber criminals.Soon a national level National Cyber Crime Portal is being underway where this Cyber Crime Cell be functioning as Nodal Agency on the district which will work as resource centre and we will able to share our data to control cyber crime and reach to the cyber criminal and book them behind the bar.”
No doubt, after opening of Cyber Crime Cell in the police district if Ghaziabad, cyber crime cases will be solved in lesser time, cyber criminals will be booked soon and further the cyber crime in the district will decrease drastically as Ghaziabad police has controlled the organised and unorganised crimes like murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, dacoity, theft, ransom etc. In the previous governments, every day the news papers used to be flodded with crime news. On this 3-4 years of time period has been seen as control of crimes and criminals either surrendering to the police to live in jail as they were under fear of encounter, after CM Yogi straightforwardly asked criminals, either to leave crime or the state of UP and his this vision had shown the result in police and district administration both.


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