Ghaziabad Police Nabbed 2 Crooks After Shootout


@ Ashok Yadav | Sr Journalist, Deepak Chandel | Video Journalist

Ghaziabad: Vijay nagar police arrested 2 accused after shootout. Police recovered a bike, illegal country made pistol and 10 thousand rupees from them.In day light near Santosh Hospital a passer by was looted by accused who were riding by bike. victim immediately called at dial 100 where a message of loot incident were falshed. Hearing this information police came in action and started checking as well as cordoning off from all soon as message was delivered police were checking on road, police saw a suspicious bike from front side. Police alarmed to stop that but bike rider did not stop the bike and pilian rider started firing at police in which a police person also got injued. for self defence police also fired bike where both accused got injured.According to Manish Mishra, SP City Ghaziabad ” Police received infromation about loot with passer-by.  Vijay Nagar police started checking where 2 accused namely Rijwan son of Mustaq and Sonu alias Murslim son of Sageer both resident of Pasonda, Sahibabad were arrested after shootout and recovered looted 10 thousand rupees, Mobile phone other stolen bike and 2 country made pistol with cartridage. Both accused got injured and a police person namely Vishal Rathi also injured sent to District hospital for treatment.” 


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