‘LegalKart’ – India’s first practice management mobile app for legal professionals

Free to use cloud -based mobile application LegalKart aims to assist legal professionals to synchronize cases across forums, calendars and offers advanced features like financial management, client management, document, and team management.


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi- A lawyer do not just practice law but he is an entrepreneur too, Legalkart Practice Management App helps the lawyer to automate all the manual processes and enhance his efficiency and increases his/her exposure to new clients in order to expand his practice. Dr. Arvind Singhatiya’s (Founder and CEO) core idea was to create an ecosystem of legal service supply connected with its demand using technology. Legalkart app is the first product in the series to enable all legal professionals to manage their law office and practice on it.

This app also enhances the visibility of a legal professional helping them to connect with peer groups and businesses to grow their practice. LegalKart is India’s first practice management app for legal professionals. LegalKart Practice Management App comes with a plenty of features:

• Client registration – Lawyers can register existing clients directly on the App and start sharing case updates and all other details on Legalkart Client APP. It helps increasing transparency in the processes and multiple clients can be updated at the same time.
• Case documents and case notes management – Every case added have a unique tab to add voice notes, upload important documents.
• Case updates from the court of his/her practice – More than 1000 legal forums (courts) are available on Legalkart App including All High Courts, Supreme Court, District Courts, Debt Recovery Tribunals, NCLT etc. and more forums are in the process of being added.
• Case and Client Calendar management – Manage Calendar and activities with real-time push notifications for pending meetings, Next Date of Hearings on the cases and share updates with clients immediately.
• Real-time chat with client and document sharing – Chat with clients/other lawyers in the app seek instructions, share documents in real-time.
• Realtime invoice preparation and sending to client – Add expanses with every case in the app and add them in consolidated invoice which can be shared with a client in real-time.
• Payment tracking – Total invoices raise, invoices received and all the case economics and accounting is managed on APP.
• Legalkart Social – Managing his/her professional profile on App and connects with fellow lawyers across the country on LK Social platform and collaborates with them.
• Team Management – Through Legalkart App, a single case can be managed by multiple team members and their work can be collated, evaluated and managed.
• Adding New Clients – There are millions of clients across the country who is seeking legal support. Their queries are captured and presented to the Lawyers on their App by Legalkart. They have a choice to accept the case/client which will increase their professional exposure.


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