When Onions Trump Over A Trip to Goa


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

Hyderabad: Times are interesting, the Onions have again captured the narrative of the nation and shown who the king is!!! The importance of onions is all too well known, now it is measurable too. In the battle of choice between onions and a trip to Goa – guess who came up trumps?

While the social media is abuzz with memes and jokes on surging onion prices, AbhiBus, India’s fastest growing online marketplace for bus ticketing, has caught people’s fancy with an interesting offer. The leading bus ticketing platform has introduced a scheme where the customers booking their bus tickets on Abhibus.com can participate in a contest where they could either win an all-expense paid trip to Goa, win an iPhone or an e-bike or 3kgs of Onions. No points for guessing how popular the onion option is proving to be.

More than 54% opted for Onions as their prize ever since the offer was up on 10th December while Goa option was opted by 46%. Clearly customers are willing to place their bets on Onions over Goa or other aspirational options – reflecting how onions shape their daily lives.

This Onion offer caught people’s attention with no promotions at all. Every day AbhiBus will announce 20 lucky winners and will deliver the jackpot (3 kgs of onions) to their homes. Rules for participation are simple, anyone booking their tickets on www.abhibus.com between 10th Dec to 15th Dec can enter into the contest by selecting their preferred option.

Commenting on the idea and the revelations, Mr. Rohit Sharma, COO AbhiBus said, “AbhiBus is constantly innovating to provide customers with solutions and offers that meet their ever-changing needs including making travel fun and enjoyable. Our priority is to keep the customer in the centre to offer a strong customer support, fast no questions asked refunds using UPI. The contest around onions is an example of the customer centric approach and the response we are getting to it testifies our ability to meet customer needs”

Before this, whenever AbhiBus ran an offer that had Goa trip as a win option, it always trumped all other prizes on offer, but this is the first-time consumers relegated Goa to the second spot.


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