Featherlite launches a revolutionary product, this Christmas “saddle” your way to office


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

India’s pioneer furniture manufacturer, Featherlite has designed a futuristic product that is key to breaking the mold of expectations. Encouraging office space utilization, productivity, collaboration and dubbed as the future of work, “Saddle” facilitates free movement and provides an option for employees to leave their boring desks for conferring onto a friendly workspace culture.
Demographically speaking, 51% of workers today are not engaged in their workspaces with 17% admitting that they are actively disengaged. In a ‘work anywhere world’, just anywhere does not work. Designed for quick sits, Saddle’s minimalistic approach encompassing clean lines, lightweight construction and elegant simplicity add comfortable and durable seating to a space. Besides adding visual interest to an office, it helps in offering new sitting postures for employees thus, adding a whimsical and playful touch to a monotonous work space. The vibrant camelback top coupled with a curved plywood base forms a footrest, granting it a swaying motion of a rocking chair. The material palette has been carefully chosen to keep the furniture delicate and plush and receptive. The internal framework is made of plywood, padded with multiple layers of foam and fabric to ensure a feathery seating experience.
When employees have the ability to move throughout the office, there is a sense of freedom that comes through, in both attitude and performance. Enhancing the environment in which a person works help them assimilate information in manageable chunks. By varying the environment at intervals of their choosing, employees are building mental connections between the information they’re focusing on and the comprehensive functional regime of this space. It’s unusual yet simplistic design is an intelligent fusion of movement and stability. Create, collaborate and innovate anywhere with Saddle.


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