Ergonomic Furniture by Featherlite marks a debut at Orion Mall


@ Vikas Sharma I Sr Journalist

Founded in 1965, today Featherlite is India’s largest manufacturer of commercial furniture offering
state-of-the-art spatial design solutions for workspaces across diverse segments of offices, institutional,
healthcare and hospitality. Each of their products is unique, elucidating a distinctive purpose, character,
and behavior of its users. Continuing their tradition in producing world class furniture, there is no ‘one
size-fits-all’, off-the-shelf solution and hence, each of the products is unique. With the demonstration of
an exceptional array of furniture, Featherlite has initiated a new venture and made their presence felt in
the market by setting up a kiosk in Orion mall in Bangalore displaying their premium collection of office
Assembled in an area of 136 sq. ft. their finest chairs are exhibited with a dramatically beholding set up.
Carpeted walls and adept with illumination, the chairs gather all the attention almost effortlessly.
Helix HB and Pinnacle HB are a cult in ergonomic office chairs that exude relief from redundancies in the
workspace. Optima HB and Liberate HB are stalwarts in office furniture that have become a subject of
intrigue for the viewers and users alike. Launched on 21 st November, these spectacular chairs bring the
much-needed diversity and liberation in workplace fixtures. A coveted addition in the display, is the
fastest selling chair Featherlite is proud to endorse.

Helix HB- Designed to support

Helix, the task chair with a slim silhouette profile and a contoured back frame offers a superior support
with an adjustable lumbar pad to provide the perfect ergonomic posture. With its innovative design,
intuitive controls and a palette of color options on the frame and the upholstery, the Helix sets a new
benchmark for a task chair. With a Multilock Synchro Mechanism, reclining is effortless. The tilt creates a
smooth and balanced feel as one moves from one position to the next. Pushing the left-side lever
supports reclining at multiple positions. The Adjustable lumbar support promotes a healthy back posture
and allows optimal blood circulation, while the in-built seat depth adjustment provides an additional
dimension of comfort.

Liberate HB- Designed to respond

Liberate re-imagines the way a chair should respond, adapting to every movement of the user. The chair
is built on a unique twin frame concept which incorporates the revolutionary “DynaFlex” system to
constantly provide a dynamic movement to the lower lumbar with an intelligent feedback to the user.
The 3D motion synchronizes perfectly with your back in all positions of recline which most of the
modern collaborative workspaces demand. DynaFlex delivers comfort for long hours spent working

Pinnacle HB- Designed for leadership

Pinnacle uses a unique independent bi-panel back frame which can be individually calibrated to get the
perfect seating posture and ensure that the spine of every user is well supported. The seat edge controls
are easy to use with a toggle control that optimizes the seat depth, seat height and the angle of recline.
The range is available with Leather and Mesh trims with optional features such as a retractable leg
support and adjustable head restraint. The knee-tilt multilock mechanism feels like sitting on a cushion
of air as it creates a smooth and balanced feel when moved from one position to the next.


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