Noida & Lucknow To Have Commissionerate System of Policing


@ Amit Poswal | Sr Journalist

 Uttar Pradesh: The Yogi Adityanath government has approved the commissionerate system of policing in Noida and Lucknow on Monday. This new system will give more power to the police. The chief minister has taken the decision in the cabinet meeting held in the Lucknow. Now Noida will have an ADG-level officer as police commissioner. Both police commissioners will have magisterial powers.

The system gives more powers, including magisterial powers, to police officers and is aimed at better and effective policing. In Noida, under the ADG rank official as commissioner, there will be two DIGs, five SPs, an SP-rank lady officer and an ASP rank official for traffic control.

Under the new system 40 police stations in Lucknow will be brought under the police commissioner who will have a team of two IGs as joint commissioners, nine SP-rank officials and a lady officer of SP rank along with a lady officer of ASP rank, the CM said. “It was being considered since the past sometime that this system should be used for the urban population but it was ignored because of lack of political will power. I am happy that it has been approved for implementation in these two important areas,” the chief minister said.

The lady officers will work exclusively for cases relating to crime against women and its control. Since the past 50 years, there was a demand to enforce the police commissionerate system for smart policing and today the cabinet has taken a decision in this regard,” the CM said.


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