Kapil Dev and Asha Devi Launched ‘SHOUT’ – a voice-triggered complete safety feature by VAOO


@ Afaq Khan Sameer | Correspondent

Recently, Kapil Dev & Asha Devi, brave Nirbhaya’s mother along with Abhineet Pathak, CEO, VAAO launched a brand new feature “SHOUT” in VAAO app. The launch event was held at The Park Hotel, New Delhi.

SHOUT is an in-app feature of VAOO app. It enables users to ask for professional help in an apprehensive situation or an ambush immediately. All one has to do is SHOUT to trigger the rescue response loud enough to be detected by the cell-phone. This is a voluntary service from VAOO.

How the Shout Feature work – ACTIVATE- Shout | Alarm| Notify. Users may ask for help from VAOO just by shouting. One may also ring a siren or notify silently by tapping on the SOS button.
ACTION- Track | Co-ordinate| Rescue. VAOO notifies and co-ordinates with the authorities & the user’s family/friends. VAOO ensures the rescue of the victim by sending all the nearest VAOO cab(s) to the user’s location.
ASSURE- Drop off | Confirm| Report. Once the user is rescued, VAOO cabs give him/her a ride home/hospital. All the data of the incidents under VAOO is available for the user.

Present at the Launch, Kapil Dev Shared the reason for being associated with this app, ” I am also a father of a girl and I want her to be safe. The first step we should take is to change our mindset and should not leave humanity in us. I congratulate VAAO app that they have come up with a SHOUT safety feature which will help to report each and every case. Also, we should make our girls and women strong enough to fight against such heinous crimes.”

Nirbhaya’s mother, Asha Devi spoke at the launch, ” I am very happy that VAOO has launched such a great feature for women safety. But my appeal is to all the parents that empower your daughters to be brave enough to report such cases. Also, Police and legal authorities have many loopholes due to which justice gets delayed. Legal authorities/Police should realize the sensitivity of this issue and help the victim to the fullest. This app will be the helping hand but mainly we should take a step forward to save ourselves and put a stop to such crimes.”


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