Greater Noida: PS Beta Police Arrested a Crook After Exchanging Gun Shot


@ Saroj Khan | Video Journalist
Gautambudh Nagar: During exchanging fired,  a crook got success in fled away from spot. Police seized a illegal arms and a bike from spot.
In last night police team were checking at  Sigma sector 2 who comes under PS Beta area . During checking police saw a moving bike, as per suspicious condition police alarmed to stop that bike but in place of stopping bike, pilian rider started  firing at Police. Police also retilited and for self defense started firing. In this both sides firing a crook received a bullet on his leg and he was arrested by police but his partner fled away due to darkness.

According to Police officer” PS Beta police were checking at Sigma sector 2 where two person were riding by bike. Police alarmed to stop that bike but biker started firing at police.
Police also fired back and arrested a crook namely Jeeva alias Rohit who was involved in robbing of Ritd. colonel’s scorpio. His partner Manoj  got success in fled away due to darkness our team trying to catch him. Police seized a illegal arms and bike from spot, arrested Jeeva sent to district hospital for treatment”


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