International Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) organized a conference on Role of Management in Hospitals and Health Sector


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New Delhi: International Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) organized a conference on Role of Management in Hospitals and Health Sector here at Andhra Association, Lodhi Institutional Area in Delhi On Wednesday, 26th February 2020. Key Speakers Academic Dean Dr. P.K Panda. Director  Dr. A.K Khokhar, Assistant Dean, Ms. Divya Agarwal , Marketing Manager Rinku Singh and HR head Suraj Ram delivered their key speech on on Role of Management in Hospitals and Health Sector on this occasion. 

Academic Dean Dr. P.K Panda said , ‘Healthcare sector in India has been growing and a tremendous pace. Healthcare institutions, both in Government as well as private sector are getting upgraded and modernized with the supportive structure of biotechnology,

pharmaceuticals, health insurance companies, information technology and rapid development in various sectors. The emphasis in health services has been shifting from time to time and now the emergence of new epidemics and increasing non- communicable diseases is posing a huge challenge for all countries.’ 

Director  Dr. A.K Khokhar  share his views that The rapid transformation happening in the healthcare sector recently,has brought with itneed for unprecedented changes inthe healthcare management system. Unlike the past decades, when health sectorwas solely focused on engaging highly skilled medical professionals and acquiring state of the art technology, today, the focus has shifted towards quality service delivery model of patient care and efficiency to contain the cost.

Assistant Dean, Ms. Divya Agarwal  said ‘The growing need for quality healthcare in the sector calls for introduction novel patient care delivery approaches. With the increasing number of healthcare providers and their focus on patient-centricity, the healthcare industry has recognized and identified the need and importance of healthcare management professionals.’

The basic responsibility of health care managers is to foster an environment that enables provision of quality healthcare and contains costs as to ensure sustainability of the organization. To this end, managementprofessionals are vital for successful healthcare delivery. They attend to the business side of the healthcare delivery, influencing every department in the organization to ensure smooth functioning and give the best possible provision for patients.

The healthcare mangers determine budgets, orders and supplies, human resource development plans, monitoring of services and healthcare communications. They keep themselves updated with technological development, standards need and the regulatory issues in healthcare. They have the necessary qualities to work with all professionals and develop collaborations for providing better patient care.

The role of professional managers in health sector are To address the specific needs of the internal stakeholders such as medical practitioners, paramedics, nurses, technicians, pharmacists, housekeeping staff and others. They motivate and incentivize them to improve their efficiency for the benefit of the healthcare delivery.Identifying areas of improvement in the quality of care, patient flow, and various other healthcare processes to meet the expected results of the patient- centric model.Improving day-to-day operating procedures such as allocating financial resources, materials management, vendor selection, and implementing IT system.

Managing human resources in the organization and coordinating with other medical/non-medical professionals and specialists.Analyzing, gathering and processing the data related to facilities and finances, and present it to relevant  stakeholders. Obtaining an in-depth understanding of the changing industry regulations and policies and making sure that the organization is compliant.

Establishing policies/procedures/processes and communicating it to the healthcare professionals

Ensure continuing quality improvement in healthcare services. All the above said factors have an impact on delivery of healthcare. Healthcare sector has realized the need and importance of healthcare managers for better delivery of healthcare services. 

Healthcare and Hospital management education is required to produce the much required healthcare managers. The International Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR), Delhi, a pioneer in health management education, offers an MBA equivalent Post Graduate Diploma Program in Hospital and Health Management, which is basically a specialized education for budding graduates to establish a prospective career in the healthcare sector.

Owing to its significance and contribution in the healthcare sector, this post graduate diploma program by IIHMR has been accordedequivalence to MBA degree by the Association of Indian Universities.The dedicated coursework from IIHMR prepares students for management roles in hospitals and other health services organizations, focusing on the concepts and techniques of modern healthcare management. For those who are interested in making a career in the healthcare management sector, IIHMR is certainly an ideal place to start off.


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