UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Cabinet Made Major Decisions to Stop The Spread of Corona Virus

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@ Saket Dinkar | Sr. News Editor

Lucknow 17th March 2020: UP cabinet under chairmanship of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has today taken some crucial decisions in view of ongoing Corona Virus(COVID 19) threat and to prevent, control and manage further spread of COVID19 and decided to close down all educational institutions in the state, to provide free of cost all possible tratment s of all COVID 19 affected patients, to provide livelihood to all daily wagers labourers which shall be extended by the state government, all labourers shall be paid some fixed amount for their day to day need for their livelihood in their bank account throgh RTGS and also to close down all tourist spots in the state till further order.

The decision taken by the state government to provide some amount in the bank accounts of the labourers is very sensitive in nature seeing the day to day need of these labourers as they are likely to be very badly affected by the COVID 19 as most of the jobs are likely to be stopped seeing COVID19 threat perception. No doubt, the decision to extend bread and butter to the lowest strata of the society by the state government is a welcome decision at all corners as these people are likely to be worst indirectly sufferers out of COVID19 outbreak.

The above said decision is very important in view of risk of spreading COVID19 amongst people from lower strata who are mainly labourers. Infact, due to outbreak of COVID 19 there is a panic situation due to unemployment amongst lower and lower middle class people as most of the industries mainly dependent are facing job problem.

On the other hand, the Chief Minister of UP has appealed to the people of UP to keep themselves away from crowded area to prevent themselves from Corona Virus deseased. The state authority has closed down all educational institutions besides postponing of conducting all educational and competitive examination by 2nd April in the state.

Further, the Chief Minister Yogi has also announced the state government shall bourne all expenditure on the patients suffering from Corona Virus patients. Even Yogi government has also announced that the payment of such persons during leave period shall also not to be deducted. Yogi also directed the state officials to follow 100% advisory issued by Government of India on COVID19.

The state government has also ordered to close all tourist spots and museum falling under the state upto 31st March and entry of tourists would be banned during this period. However, all these tourist spots and museum shall be sanitised well to prevent any eventualities seeing fear of Corona Virus. The state government has also ordered to close down all shopping mall, multiplex, cinema halls. “Tehsil Diwas”, “Samadhan Diwas” and “Janta Darshan shall also be suspended upto 2nd April.

In order to extend livelihood to daily labourers, the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has constituted a committee under Finance Minister who will submit a report in this regard within 3 days, Agriculture Minister and Labour Minister shall also be member in the committee.

Yogi Adityanath has also directed to all district magistrates to co-ordinate with all leaders & managers of all religious places create awareness amongst people in their respective districts on Corona Virus so that limited persons are collected and people are safe from Corona Virus disease. All district magistrates have been directed by the Chief Minister to create community awareness in their district on Corona Virus.

All the persons coming in fairs, meals would be sensitised about COVID19. Further, Gram Panchayat and Develop ment officers have been directed to ensure sanitation and proper hygiene in the area. The state government employees have been relaxed from marking biometric attendance. Even some staff have been directed to work from their home and they would be paid properly.


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