Brian Clinic’s Commendable work: People Praised the Dr. Rakesh Kumar for this Work


@ Rakshit Josain | Spl Correspondent

Ghaziabad: Everywhere, the doctors are engaged in helping the people and providing them all necessarily guidance as well as treatment and doing their duty.

As of crisis caused by the corona virus epidemic, most of the Doctors have closed their OPD for patients only emergency services are available. Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Neuro Physician , has started OPD ‘For the Society to The Society’, yes that is he has started free Consultations to his patients Keeping in mind about the lockdown due to Covid-19 infection. Brain Clinic has issued a WhatsApp Number 9916546640 on which patients may do Video calling for consultation if you are satisfied with his services then may Donate any amount to PM Cares Fund through any mode of payment.

Dr Rakesh Kumar, Neurologist
Dr Rakesh Kumar, Neuro Physician

While talking with A News of India Dr. Rakesh Kumar Said ” Due to lock down issue, it’s very difficult to consult patient from peripheral regions and personal visit which may spread infection to patients as well as Clinic it is decided to give FREE online consultation to patients…they can call me through what’s app video calling method between 6 PM to 8 PM daily till lockdown period.
If they are satisfied with my consultation then they can donate money of any amount to PMCARE Fund or other charitable fund which is helping against CORONA virus infection and send screen shots to me. (Whereas This donation is optional and it is not compulsory for consultation) after consultation I will send prescription through what’s app and patients can take medicines from near by medical store by showing this prescription paper. Till Now I have attended 28 Patients through this method and patients have Donated about Forty Seven Hundred Rupees in the Fund”. Dr Kumar quoted
‘Its a alternative method to provide some help to my patients as well as to my Nation’


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