Bulandshahr Police Seizes Box Of Illegal Liquor: Arrests 2 Accused and Vehicle Used In Crime


Arun Yadav | Correspondent/ Noida Desk

Bulandshahar: During a routine checking under Gulawathi police station in Bulandshahr district, police today arrested two accused who ware carrying illegal liquor  in a Wagon R car. Police also seized 2 Box of illegal liquor and have also seized Wagon R car in which liquor were being transported by accused. Liquors were illegally transported by the accused which was under the possession of the arrested accused .

Due to Corona virus pendemic, there is complete lock down situation in 15 districts of UP besides almost 20 states in the country, in order to check the spread of Corona virus in its third stage i.e. community transmission.

During routine checking Gulawathi police found movement of a suspicious  Wagon R car from the front side. During interrogation, police found version of the persons sitting in the car suspicious. When police started searching the vehicle, they found 200 numbers of quarter packing of liquor kept inside the car. Police arrested 2 accused in this regard and also seized vehicle used in smuggling of illegal liquor in the district.

 According to Sachin Malik, Incharge PS Gulati,
 “As per information police had received some inputs and was conducting routine checking at the Chaudhary Cinema Road When a suspicious Wagon R car appeared from the front police alerted entire team members. Local police taken it seriously showed hand to the driver to stop the vehicle. During questioning, the persons travelling inside car reply unsatisfactorily to the police. Further, on which police started checking the entire car inside the car and found 2 box more then 100 bottles which were  kept in side Wagor R and police seen the liquor and seized from the vehicle. In this regard two persons have been arrested. The names of accused are one;  Ajay son of Umesh Kumar Sharma a resident of Gulavathi and another Ankit son of Satya Prakash also a resident of Gulavathi.”

Following after the lock down order prevailing in the district people are not staying inside their home and are very commonly seen on the roads. In this regard police role is very important to build pressure on the community to stay at home and to keep them safe inside home. On the other hand, some people are not honouring prohibitory order of lock down and are smuggling illegal liquor in the district and to supply to regular drinkers who are eagerly awaiting for the supply of liquor through these suppliers of illegal liquors for their day to day supply and need and also are fully dependent on these illegal liquor suppliers, as all the liquor shops are closed these days. Regular users of liquor are totally dependant on illegal liquor suppliers and are bound to purchase it from black marketeers of liquor. On the other hand, during this period of lock down most of the shops and establishments are closed and persons working in this shops and establishments and or behind these establishments have became unemployed and are in this race to earn their livelihood. As they have no earnings and their day to day demands compelled to earn any how in this period of lock down to earn money fir day today needs. For the same, some persons have started illegal trading of liquors alsi to any how earn money for their livelihood.

During this incident, Gulawathi police arrested two persons involved in this crime who were involved in carrying more then 100 bottles of illegal liquor from the Wagon R vehicle in which they were travelling and smuggling illegal liquor.

 Almost whole country is facing complete lock down where all the shopping mall, gym, cinema halls, liquor shops are closed except essential commodities and services. In this situation demand of liquor has shooted up. So some of the anti social elements started smuggling liquor in the district from nearby district and other NCR areas. Similar report also came yesterday where some congress party workers found smuggling liquor in NCR


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