Night curfue removed under ‘Unlock 3’, permission to open Gym &Yoga from 5th August.

Ministry of Home Affairs issues unlock 3 guidelines. Restrictions on the the moovment of individual during night have been removed. Yoga classes and Gym will be allowed to open August 5th , 2020


Ashok Yadav| Editor

New Delhi: On Wednesday, The central Government has issued guidelines for Unlock-3.  This time people have been given some more relief.  Now the night curfew has been lifted completely.  That is, there will be no restriction on movement of people at night.

 The same Yoga institute and Gym has been allowed to open from August 5th  onwards.  Apart from this, all the crowd gathering programs including social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, cultural, religious will continue as before.

 The government has decided not to open schools, colleges and coaching institutes etc.  All these have been directed to remain closed till 31 August 2020 .  Apart from this, restrictions will continue on the metro rail, cinema hall, swimming pool, amusement park, theater, bar, auditorium, assembly hall and other such places.  The rest of the restrictions have been lifted outside the same Containment zone

 Conditional approval of programs on Independence Day

 Independence Day programs will be permitted with instructions to follow social distancing and other health standards.  During this time it will be mandatory for people to wear masks.


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