Noida: PS Knowledge Park Booked 3 for Selling Intoxicate Material


@ ANOI News Desk

Noida: PS Knowledge park arrested 3 accused for selling illegal intoxicate in NCR. Police seized 3.4KG Intoxicate material and a Auto rikshaw related this case.
Knowledge park police Incharge had input about some person who were doing smuggling of illegall intoxicate substance in NCR.
As per input, Varun Pawanr SO PS  Knowledge park made a police team and arrested 3 accused namely Monu, Sadaf and and Bittu during smuggling of Intoxicate substance. Police seized 3.4 KG Illegal intoxicated substance and a Auto rikshaw from their possession.
According to Varun Panwar, ” We have input that 3 accused may moved in Knowledge park areas and as per information we started vehicle checking and arrested 3 accused and seized 3.4 kg illegal intoxicate substance and a auto rikshaw from their possession.”


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