German Government joined hands with Servotech India to promote Vocal for Local, revealed in a conference


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi: On 11th of November, Servotech India organized a Conference in presence of GIZ (German Government). In the conference they talked about their recent project where German govt. is projecting the cost of 1 M Euros to produce new machinery for production of UVC lights. They have signed an agreement on 30th September for manufacturing UVC Disinfectant products and revealed it to people in a conference. This project is a great stepping stone to promote vocal for local and to provide something to deal with the current pandemic scenario. Talking about the project, it was also disclosed that this project partnership will be for 15 Months and the plant size to implement this idea will be of approx 80000 sq ft.
From Servotech India, Mr. Raman Bhatia, MD, Servotech and from GIC, German Ambassador, Walter J. Lindner led the conference.

Servotech Power Systems Ltd is a Listing Company on NSE and leading Manufacturer of LED lights and Solar Products in India. Servotech has been in business since 2004 and have supplied products mainly into India. Servotech’s main customers are Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum and District State Agencies and managed by MNRE. It believes in taking the business to another level, the current data says that the LED Lighting industry in India is estimated at more than 92,000 Crores by 2020. If we go by the size of industry, Servotech’s share is not more than that of a drop in the ocean. But Servotech’s USP is different, they serve the industry with different flavour, they cater to the niche market of customized Lighting solutions in the Lighting Industry. Servotech’s in-house testing facilities make it the most preferred choice when clients look out for suppliers.

Mr. Walter addressed the media and said that, “GIZ (German Government) has joined hands with Servotech India to produce more machinery and to fight the current infectious environment. With this partnership, our goals are to manufacture UVC Disinfectant products. We are extremely happy and excited about this project. We are look forward to work with Servotech Power Systems Ltd and establish some new milestones”

Mr. Raman Bhatia added to it and said, “Servotech Power Systems is a leading manufacturer of LED lights and Solar Products and we deal in this industry with lots of efforts and convincing skills. We are happy that we are partnering with GIZ (German Government) to produce more machinery. This partnership with GIC could prove to be a great step in PM vision’s for Local to Vocal”


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