DEFEAT DIABETES with Integrative medicine, lifestyle modification and Holistic Approach; Dr Rajdev Patro


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi: The year 2021 marks the fading of COVID pandemic threat due to timely
vaccination by our own indigenous vaccines. India proudly stands tall globally as
the fastest vaccinating country. This drive has not only given new hope to our country for economic growth by bringing life back to normalcy, but has also opened the gateway to bring back international health tourism resurgence As a milestone in this journey, February 15th 2021 has brought the era of new thinking and innovation into Diabetes medical world. Dr. Raghunandan, Vice President of CDAS (Center of Diabetes and Allied Sciences) Group of Hospitals
has unveiled the dreams and mission of the Founder and Chairman of CDAS Dr. T. Rajdev Patro. During the press release Dr. Patro has emphasized that it is high time to think differently to control this lifestyle induced chronic disease “Diabetes”, especially after the sedentary tendency necessitated by the recent pandemic quarantine. Today India is on the verge of becoming the diabetes capital of the world. More than 70 million population in India has become diabetic and many more are yet to be detected. Hence screening is the most effective way to assess and allay the threat of diabetes.

Today diabetes is crippling mostly the productive age group of our country with increased risk of heart, kidney and eye diseases and devastating limb amputations, resulting in huge economic burden. Diabetic population is the most susceptible category to the threats of infections, hence raising mortality and
morbidity index, which has recently been sadly highlighted in the COVID pandemic.

CDAS has come up as the only and first of its kind Hospital for Diabetes in Northern India to give all facilities from head to toe in dealing with Diabetes and its complications under one roof. This hospital is well equipped not only to deal as a Tertiary care unit but also has the best technological means to make the facilities reach out to the masses in every corner of this country followed as well as globally. And hence CDAS has a mission to spread its branches to as many
parts of India and abroad.

Inspired by the advent of great revolutionary movements by this country’s
leadership, the founders are also planning to make the best health care affordable, accessible and achievable to all.
An interesting feature of this group is that they are blending the use of traditional and holistic care and prioritizing the preventive measures and
awareness movements as the first step in reaching deep into the masses. Their
belief is if they can save a pre-diabetic from becoming a diabetic and a diabetic from loss of vision or kidney or limb, their cherished vision and goal will be achieved.


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