Etawah Police Busted International Cyber Fraudsters Gang, 5 Nabbed


@ Rakshit Josain | Spl Correspondent

Etawah: Etawah police arrested 5 accused who were doing 420 by online websites.
The police have taken laptop mobiles from them.
SSP Akash Tomar was informed that some people in Etawah are fraudulently taking money through online multiple applications, websites which are Duplicate of genuine.SSP Akash Tomar received a complaint that some people are cybercrime.  These people are paying dollars in half price. The complaint was taken seriously by the SSP.
The SSP formed a special team based on the complainant’s complaint.  This team arrested 5 people.
Police investigation revealed that these five people used to make fake websites and sold dollars for half the price.
According to Akash Tomer, “Some people used to buy dollars from these fake websites for half the price and also made their online payment.  But when he came to know that he had been cheated, he used to complain to the police. Transactions of more than 6 crores also identified from bank account of these 5 cyber fraudsters (past one year)
“We are trying to catch another person who had involved in this ciber crime”, Said Mr. Tomar.


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