CycleOn 2021: India pedals ahead organized at Gaur Chowk with 150 participants


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

Noida: To promote the vitality of cycling for maintaining the health of people and nature, the much-awaited CycleOn 2021 event was organized on March 21, 2021. The event began at 07.00 AM, in Gaur Chowk, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. 150 participants took part in the cycling rally and everyone covered 10 kilometers of distance during the event. The idea of CycleOn 2021 is the brainchild of Rajinder Singla, Abhishek Ranjan, and Saurabh Sharma.

The primary purpose of the event was to proclaim the vitality of among people in India. The idea of CycleOn 2021 was initially popped up during the time of the Covid lockdown when people faced hardships to maintain their health and immunity. As cycling is one of the best ways to improve the physical and mental health of people, the program aims to create healthy Indian citizens in the future.

The chief guest in the CycleOn 2021 event was Jitendra Advani, who is the Fit India ambassador.

“Doing cycling every day will promote the overall health of an individual, both physically and mentally. Adopting cycling will also help to improve the health of the earth’s atmosphere. Using cycles for small trips could considerably reduce the pollution and people will be able to maintain clean air and a clean environment that bloomed during the lockdown,” said Advani.

All the participants who took part in the event were awarded medals, certificates, and sipper bottles. The participants who took part in CycleOn 2021 lauded the organizers for conducting the program in such a meticulous manner.


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