Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury launches his next book ‘The Last 4 Minutes’ curing clinical death


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi – A special book launch was organised by Indo-Vietnam Medical Board at LTG Auditorium, which witnessed more than 200 healthcare professionals from all over the country and about 10,000 online audiences. It was the release of the book ‘The Last 4 Minutes’.

Author Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, known for his revolutionary DIP diet, sums up the crux of the book, saying, “When a person dies, the Aware 2study says, it is not death in the real sense. The first ten minutes are crucial. It is temporary death and is known as the Transformative Experience of Death when there is no pulse, no breathing, and no movement. The cells of the body are not dead. The cells have all kinds of food available to them-be it oxygen or nutrition. The brain cells are alive for up to four minutes, and these minutes are known as the Grey Zone. The Grey zone is uncertain. It is in these four minutes; you have a chance to bring back a life!”

Dr. Roy Chowdhury; also took the opportunity to highlight the limitations of the commonly performed procedure known as ‘CPR’ Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation; on the clinically dead patients and trained the audience with a superior and evidence-based method called ‘Cardiac Compression.’

The event was co-organized by National Institute of Holistic Health (NIH) & Federation Internationale Law Medicine Ethics & Innovation (FILMEI) and also saw the presence of Dr. Rajesh C Shah, popularly known as the Father of Medico-Legal Sciences. He emphasized the need to integrate the various system of medicines for the best outcome.

Dr. Roy Chowdhury took to the occasion to inform that how his diet-based cured solutions; have disrupted the medical business and hit the panic button for the money-minting pharmaceutical companies. His attempts to reach out to millions of his followers across the globe have been thwarted since June 2020.

Dr. Roy Chowdhury made his determination further stronger. Now to reach out directly to his patients and followers, he announced the launch of his new App called Coronakaal.tv. Through this App, one can find easy home-based remedies and solutions; for more than 60 plus diseases without spending lakhs on medical bills.

One can download it via the direct link www.biswaroop.com/app.


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