District judge sentences Sundar Bhati & 11 other get life imprisonment


Ashok Yadav@Editor

Greater Noida : District & Session Court of Gautam Budha Nagar at Surajpur today sentenced 12 miscreants including notorious crook Sundar Bhati of Greater Noida to life imprisonment in connection with the murder of famous politician Harendra Pradhan. The slain leader of Samajwadi Party and his gunner were murdered in broad daylight and Sundar Bhati and his gang members were named behind the murder.

Sundar Bhati Profile photo

  The assassination was carried out when Harinder Pradhan was going to get Dadupur earlier assembly ticket from the Samajwadi Party.  Sundar Bhati was named in the murder of Harinder Pradhan & his gunner assassination.  There were more than dozens cases pending on the head of Sundar Bhati, including Harendra Pradhan. The sentenced was awarded in the Surajpur court of Greater Noida today. 


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